In spring the Luchonnais is a paradise of wild flowers. May and early June see whole mountainsides covered with narcissi, spring and trumpet gentians, violas and dog tooth violets, asphodel, orchids, giant yellow gentians, martogen lilies and saxifrage. The list is almost endless and within a very short distance from La Fenière.

There are day walks in abundance that traverse the frontière sauvage that divides France from Spain, forest walks, walks that will take you high into the mountains to lakes and waterfalls and multi day walks that include the tough crossings attempted by evaders in the Second World War. Napoleon crossed into Spain by the Port de Venasque and from here you can look onto the Pyrenees’ highest peak Aneto. This too can be climbed from Luchon. For the alpinist there are a host of 3000 metre peaks nearby and several excellent crags for rock climbing. All of the above can be done from the Lodge itself or within a short drive.

For those with a love of raptors, you should see griffon vultures, lammergeier, buzzards, kite and eagle, whilst the streams have dippers, and the larger rivers have kingfishers and otter, the crags have tichodroma muraria – the brilliantly coloured wall creeper! In La Fenière’s garden we have seen black and green woodpecker, tree creeper, serin, hoopoe – a rare and very welcome visitor, a wide range of tits and male and female redstarts. Plus some very noisy owls! Boar, deer, badger, pine marten and brown bear are all close neighbours and even lynx is rumoured to be on the mountain opposite the Lodge.